WordPress Web Design Service


We provide WordPress web design service; the best Content Management System that will meet all your requirement. It’s not only the website that you will get from us. We will share our knowledge with you and also we can give you any advice with search engine marketing.

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WordPress Web Design


  • ฿37,000-.
    • 5 Pages
    • 3 Royalty free images
    • 8 Man-hours Editing
    • No Meeting
    • 20 Days Duration

Best price
  • Business Plan

  • ฿59,000-.
    • 10 Pages
    • 5 Royalty free images
    • 20 Man-hours Editing
    • 1 Times Meeting
    • 30 Days Duration
    • Deposit Payment 50%
    • Theme Color Editing
    • Catalog Online & E-commerce

  • Professional Plan

  • ฿90,000-.
    • 20 Pages
    • 10 Royalty free images
    • 30 Man-hours Editing
    • 2 Times Meeting
    • 40 Days Duration
    • Deposit Payment 50%
    • Theme Color Editing
    • Catalog Online & E-commerce
    • Theme Customization
    • Multilingual Plugin
    • SEO Plugin


Our Basic Plan is suited for websites with limited information, which can be chosen to display on a one-page parallax. For multiple pages of information with theme-color support, our Business Plan is more ideal. It also supports online catalogues and e-commerce websites. If you require themes that comply with corporate identity designs or would like to specify any concept designs, our Professional Plan is best. It allows for more pages, languages, and On-Page SEO configuration.

Customers are free to select a package that is most suitable for their needs. If there are other requirements outside of our packages, or more frequent meetings are required, add-on costs are charged accordingly. We ask our customers to clearly state all requirements before a price quote can be made.


The customer will be given 3 choices of themes that are handpicked by our designer to be the most suitable for the customer’s business. Requirements will be taken and a price quote will be made. After the deposit has been paid, the project will be assigned into the work-queue.

The customer has to provide 100% of the information required for the website before the development can start and the timeline and deadline to be set.


Editing of the website will be calculated on a man-hour basis which is included in each package. If more editing is required after the package-allocated hour has been used up, an additional charge of 1,000 Baht per man-hour will incur (however, this rarely happens unless the customer did not provide all the information required).

The customer has to provide comments and feedback within 3 days as this time has already been allotted in the work-queue. If comments are provided later, the project will have to be re-added into the queue, which could cause delays.


The duration of work has been provided in each package. After the deposit has been paid, the customer will be notified of their queue and the date that development will begin. Our teams are highly efficient, however, delays can be caused by a few reasons:

  1. The customer did not provide all the information required.
  2. Comments for editing is made later than 3 days as scheduled.

These delays will cause the project to be re-added into the work-queue, which at peak times, could cause weeks of delay. If comments are made on time, the project is ensured to complete within timeframe agreed in each plan.


Yes, but from past experience, not 100% of the information being ready leads to more editing than usually required because editing will be done alongside adding new information, which makes it increasingly difficult to plan number of pages and could cause problems in organizing the work-queue.

Typically, the customer should add 5-10 hours of buffer time to the editing man-hours provided in each package. However, for best outcome, having 100% of the information ready before confirming the project is recommended.


Apart from costs for each package provided above, if the customer has additional requirements outside the package scope, they will be charged on an additional basis for each added requirement. However, this website development cost is only once off.

There are also charges for WordPress website hosting at 5,400 Baht annually, this includes domain name and e-mail setup.


HTML5 & CSS3, the standard coding language for modern websites, helps to make animations on your website more appealing and efficient. It also supports viewing on iPhones and iPads, where old technology like Flash websites do not.
We ensure that all websites we produce will be coded to the standard of modern websites.

We integrate powerful tools with your business website

Social Media Integration

Your website will be fully integrated with Social Media as you require, including Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.


Your website will be compatible with video contents, allowing you to integrate YouTube & Vimeo contents into your website.

Retina Ready

With a system that supports Retina devices that require high clarity, logos and icons on your website will be crisp and clear on every page.

Amazing Admin Area

WordPress’ admin area is renowned for its efficiency and simplicity, allowing you to easily manage contents of your website.

Search Engine Optimized

Added SEO plugin to help you with On-Page SEO allows you to customize keywords for Google search.

Multilingual Plugin

For businesses preparing themselves for the AEC, we have a multilingual plugin to help increase accessibility of your website to a broadening group of viewers.

One Page Parallax

For businesses with limited contents to display, One Page Parallax helps you display your website on one page that is equipped with features to make your website more exciting.

Google Map

We provide you with Google Maps, the best mapping system on earth.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics installed on your website, website statistics will be sent to your email every month.