How to manage

How to manage

VDO Tutorial to show how to manage and update the website for

How to add the new course (POST)?

  1. Go to menu “Post” then select “Add New”
  2. Fill the “Course Name” and select “Categories” then set “Featured image”.
  3. Hold the Ctrl button + left click (for Windows) or Command+ left click (for Mac) at menu “All Posts”.
  4. Then click “Edit” at the “Post” that you need for copying the layout and contents from the old post.
  5. Click at the “Classic Mode” and select at the “Text” tab. Then copy all contents to the new “Post” by selecting the “Visual Mode”
  6. Change the contents and photo for the new course. After finish click “Preview changes” to check it.

How to remove the “Comment”?

  1. Go to the “Screen Options” at the right corner then check at the “Discussion” box and scroll down to find menu “Discussion”. Then unchecked all box.
  2. After finish click to “Publish”.

How to add new Post to a Menu?

  1. Go to “Appearance” then select “Menus”.
  2. Click at “Post” menu on the left screen and select the Post that you need to show on the menu then click “Add to Menu”
  3. You can change Menu’s name and Drag it to the position that you need.
  4. After finish click “Save Menu”.


The photo size in the article, it should not be exceeded width 1000 px.

And the Featured Images approximate width size should be 1920 x 800px.