How to manage

How to manage

How to use WordPress website and managing Page, Post, Multilingual.

How to edit Page

  1. Go to menu Pages and select All pages then choose the page that you need to edit.
  2. When you mouse over on the contents that you need to edit. There will be appeared “Edit/Clone/Delete”. Select one that you need to do.
  3. You can drag the contents to move it.
  4. After completed to edit. Click on Preview Changes to see it.
  5. When finish to edit. Click on Update button. The changes will be shown on the website.

How to add & edit photo in Page

  1. When you need to add photo click on + icon at Visual Composer at the nearest content which you need to edit. Please see the example on Video.
  2. Then choose element “Single Image” . The Single Image Setting will be appeared.
  3. You can choose the photo from Media Library.
  4. Or Choose the photo on your computer from Upload File.
  5. Click “Set Image” button. Your uploaded photo will be in “Single Image Settings”.
  6. In Image Size box, please type “Full”.
  7. You can insert the link the the “Image Link”.
  8. Then click “Save Changes”

How to add Row Content in Page

  1. At Visual Composer, contents divided by row. If you need to create new row, click on “Clone this row”.
  2. The cloning row will be shown below. (See on Video)
  3. If you need to change column, move mouse over on the column icon. Please see the example on the Video.

How to edit Row


  1. Click on icon “Edit this row”. Please see on Video.
  2. You can change row’s color at Background color.
  3. On the Type box when you choose “Full Width” . The contents will be displayed as full screen or choose “In Grid”, the contents will be normally displayed .
  4. You can set width size on the Top at “Padding Top” and Bottom at Padding Bottom.

How to edit Row Backgroud image


  1. If you need row has image as a Background. You can choose at “Background image”.
  2. Recommended size 1920 x 800 pixels.
  3. If you need parallax background, choose “Parallax” in “Row Type” .
  4. When choose “Parallax” in “Row Type”, the Padding Top and Padding Bottom will be disappeared and row will be narrowed.
  5. You can increase high by using “Empty Space element”. Please check out on the Video.

How to edit header image


  1. Go to “Select Title” box at the below of the page.
  2. You can change “Background image” here. Recommend size 1920 x 800 pixels.
  3. You can set the header image size at “Title Height”.
Remark: Can not preview on this part. You should to click update to see the changes.

How to add new Page


  1. To make it easier to create a new page. Please copy the page as a model. Then follow the steps below.
  2. Go to the original page then copy code to create the new page.
  3. Click “CLASSIC MODE” button then choose ”Text” tab.
  4. Copy all code in Text tab.
  5. Go to Menu Page select “Add New” then name the page.
  6. Using “CLASSIC MODE” then paste the copied code in the tab “Text”
  7. Then click on “BACKEND EDITOR”. It will be switch to the previous mode.
  8. All contents will be shown on “Visual Composer”. Now, you can edit everything here.
  9. Then setting the “Page Attributes” on the right hand side and “Select Title” at the below follow to the original page.
Setting outside “VISUAL COMPOSER”. It can not PREVIEW. You have to SAVE DRAFT or UPDATE only.

How to edit Menu


  1. Go to Appearance(On the left hand side) and click Menus.
  2. At the Select a menu to edit box, please choose Main Menu and click Select to edit.
  3. You can drag menu to anyplace that you need it.
  4. On the Pages box(Left hand side), you can choose windows to be here.
  5. The created new page will be on “Most Recent” tab or select all page at “View All”
  6. Then click “Save Menu”

How to edit Home slider banner

  1. Go to menu “Select Slider” and click on “Slides”.
  2. Then select the banner that you need to edit
  3. You can change the new photo at “Slide Image”. Recommended size 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  4. You can edit font color or fonts size at “Title Style”
  5. You can edit the fonts by clicking on “Select Slide Text”
  6. Also you can edit Button by clicking “Select Slide Buttons”.
  7. Change the position of fonts by clicking on “Select Slide Content Positioning”.

How to edit Home page


  1. Go to Home.
  2. Edit button by clicking “edit” and you can make any setting see Video.
  3. Change font link by clicking on “Text Block element”.
  4. Then click on the font that you need to edit.
  5. Click icon “Insert/edit link” to make the editing.
  6. If you need to remove link, you can click on the icon of “Remove link”.
  7. You can edit Youtube Video by clicking on “Video Player element” then insert Youtube’s link.
  8. You can edit below Slider gallery by leave from home page. And go to “Porfolio” menu. Select the photo that you need to change and also you can change photo at “Featured Image” box.
  9. Go to “Select General” box for editing the photo’s link and insert link at  “Portfolio External Link”.

How to edit Footer


  1. At menu “Appearance” and click on “Widgets”.
  2. You can edit at box  “Footer Colum 1, Footer Colum 2, Footer Colum 3”.
  3. You can drag other “Widgets” to move to “Footer” box.
  4. At the Footer Colum 3, there is “Custom Menu” by selecting it to footer_menu. If you need to edit, please go to “Appearance” clicking on “Menus”.

How to add new Blog

  1. Go to menu “Post” then click “Add New”.
  2. Name the blog and add contents.
  3. Click on the icon “Insert Read More tag”  for selecting introduction.
  4. Add photo to Featured Image. Recommended size: 1100 x 620 pixels.

How to manage Blog category


  1. Go to menu  “Post” click on”Categories” .
  2. Name the category in the box “Name”.
  3. Go to the blog that you need to edit.
  4. Then select “Categories” at the box “Categories” on your right hand side.

How to add another language on Page


  1. Go to “English” then go to the page that you need to edit.
  2. At the box “Translate yourself”, select the language that you need to Duplicate it.
  3. Click the “Duplicate” button.
  4. Your selected language will be cloned.
  5. At the”Top bar”, click on icon Multilingual change to the language that you need to edit.
  6. You will see the cloned page, and change the content to the new language.